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Whether it be a major event, councils, decorative, landscaping or Christmas - Minleon Australia & NZ can design and build a quality plug and play leading edge decorative RGB pixel lighting solutions for all situations and budgets ready for installation.

Being part of the Minleon Global Group allows Minleon Australia & NZ the ability to provide plug and play solutions allowing our customers to now have full creative control of this colourful new lighting technology. At Minleon Australia & NZ we work closely with our customers around the world so they can offer our quality simplified lighting solutions ready for installation.

Call us on (+61) 0499551080 to discuss your lighting project needs and start taking advantage of the creative possibilities

Minleon Australia & NZ are the direct importer, distributor and service agent for Minleon decorative RGB pixel lights and control systems for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Our work speaks for itself with successful, high profile installations around the world.

Using the highest quality materials, Minleon Australia & NZ lights are designed to be used all year around in outdoor environments, offering a level of quality and durability far exceeding all other - these are not toys or single season use.

Make Minleon Australia & NZ lighting your clear choice.

Minleon have a complete range of plug and play RGB lighting systems, from simple to complex that cater for any situation. The imagination is the limitation when using Minleon Lighting and control and Minleon pride themselves on service and quality. We provide full support to help our customers make use of this new and exciting technology.

Minleon Decorative Lighting Solutions

Your Imagination is the Limitation

With our lighting options and experience, then we can help you create amazing lighting possibilities


The Minleon Group is part of the Signify Licensing Program (Phillips Lighting) For RGB Lighting, so you can be assured that Minleon lighting is covered and legal to be sold into the Australian market and does not breach the intellectual property rights and patents of Signify (Phillips)

If you are unsure what this means then please call us or visit the Signify intellectual property website  for further information