Minleon RGB G42 Triklit Lights

Minleon G42 Triklit Specifications
Minleon Decorative RGB G42 Triklit Pixel Lights are a high quality colourful bright 42mm 360 degree ball allowing for amazing creative lighting possibilities. The Minleon digital RGB G42 Triklit lights are a opaque G42 poly-carbonate bulb with a secondary internal diffuser creating a very smooth diffused light with 2 bright digital RGB bulbs inside and are available in  Black, Green or White string with custom spacing available. 
These are perfect for use hanging in foyers, matrix walls, lighting canopies, light tunnels, chandeliers, signage and many other creative lighting applications
Product Name G42 Triklit
Ball Size 42mm
Voltage 12 Volts Direct Current (12vdc)
Power 0.34 Watts per RGB Light
Current 28mA per Light @ 12vdc
Processing 48bit (16bit per colour)
Refresh Rate 1KHZ Broadcast Quality
IP Rating IP65
Working Temp -20 to +60 Degree Celsius
Bulb Spacing  30cm or Custom spacing
Bulb Count per String 25 bulbs or custom bulb count
String Colour Black, Dark Green or White
Lighting Controller Minleon NDB, MC2, WEC controllers

G42 Triklit Lights 

Minleon G42 Triklit Image 1
Minleon G42 Triklit Image 2Minleon G42 Triklit Image 2
Quick 1/2 Turn Weatherproof Connector
Minleon Lighting Advantages
  • 12VDC - Safe low DC voltage which is perfect for public spaces and commercial applications using quality Australian certified power supplies.
  • IP65 - Can be used outdoors or indoors, temporary or permanently.
  • UV Rated - High quality materials are used to withstand the harsh Australian sun for many years.
  • RGB LED - A Red, Green and Blue LED are combined in the same package allowing the creations of millions of colours.
  • 48 Bit Digital Processing - 16 Bit per colour allowing for millions of colour combinations.
  • 1KHZ Refresh Rate - High refresh rate allowing for broadcast quality recording without flicker effects.
  • Quick Connect Plug - Fast 1/2 turn weatherproof connector allowing for dramatically reduced installation and dismantle times.
  • Philips Lighting Partner - Minleon Group is part of the Signify Licensing Program (Philips Lighting) For RGB Lighting, so you can be assured that Minleon lighting is covered and legal to be sold into the Australian market and does not breach the intellectual property rights and patents of Signify (Philips)
  • Australian Registered Business - Deal with a trusted an Australian registered business that has been in this industry for over 7 years.
  • Knowledge & Experience - We know our products and we can help you make the best use of our lighting and control systems for maximum impact.
  • Plug and Play Options - We work with you to offer complete plug and play solutions, programmed with installation instructions based on your customized needs. 
Minleon Lights  
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