Minleon G50 Faceted E27 24vdc Festoon Bulb

Unbreakable decorative 24 Volt DC LED G50 E27 facetted (Prism) festoon bulbs which allows for a safe long service free life and made from the highest quality materials to withstand the harsh Australian summer.
Minleon 24vdc E27 G50 Faceted Festoon Bulb Image 1


24 volt DC is far more reliable than mains voltage 240 volt DC festoon bulbs Traditional 240volt mains festoon bulbs have a higher failure rate due to the fact that each bulb must have its own 240v driver to run the LED creating additional heat with more components to fail. Instead the 24volt DC festoon bulbs has the LED driver external to the festoon bulb which is located at the beginning of the festoon string thus reducing heat and increasing reliability for a long service free life.


Safety is also a major advantage with 24 volt DC festoon bulbs compared to 240 volt mains festoon bulbs because if a festoon bulb is removed then there is no dangerous mains 240v volt exposed, instead a much safer 24 volts DC is only exposed. 24 volt DC festoon bulbs are also much safer to use for outdoor applications. This is perfect for public spaces and business where public safety is a priority


Our festoon bulbs are built strong and durable and are virtually unbreakable which makes them easy to install because the bulbs can be fitted to the festoon string before being installed, this saves time and money on install and is also perfect for rental uses or public areas. The bulbs are constructed from a UV treated Poly Carbonate plastic which will not fade or become brittle in the harsh Australian conditions.


LEDs are far more efficient and have a longer service free life than traditional festoon bulbs and being a 24 volt DC festoon bulb then these are more efficient than using mains 240 volt festoon bulbs because each LED does not have a LED driver generating wasted heat 


Quality is more than reliability, safety, durability and efficiency, it is also the thought that has gone into the festoon bulb design and light dispersion. Our bulbs have a unique internal diffuser with an LED bulb array design that gives superior light dispersion and appearance with rich even colours. They have also been designed to give a vibrant colourful appearance during the day when they are off making them appealing both during the night and the day.

You will find it hard to find a better quality decorative festoon bulb with all these features


  • Long lasting High Efficiency LED
  • Safe 24vdc
  • Unbreakable heavy duty bulb
  • Unique G50 bulb shape
  • Inner diffuser for smother colour appearance
  • Efficient 1 Watt LED bulb Array Design
  • Great day and night time appearance
  • Dimmable*
  • 2 Year Warranty
Minleon 24vdc E27 G50 Faceted Festoon Bulb Image 2
Thick unbreakable bulb with internal diffuser  for smoother light
Bulb Type G50 Faceted (Prism)
Voltage 24 Volts DC
Watts 1 Watt
Current Less than 0.045mA
Socket Type E27
Rated Life LED Greater than 25000 hours
Available Colours Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Warm White, Cool White
Dimmable Yes (with dimmable driver)
Material Poly Carbonate
UV Protected Yes
Outdoor Use Yes - IP54
Warranty 24 Months
Special Features Unbreakable bulb, internal diffuser for smoother light, LED array circuit, day and night time appeal


G50 Specs