Minleon MC2 RGB Light Controller

Minleon MC2 Specifications

Minleon MC2 RGB Pixel Light Controller is an entry level controller capable of controlling up to 500 Lights on a single string, but can operate many thousands of lights wired in parallel using Minleon accessories. Comes with the ability to select 3 colours to use with built in effects to allow for creating colour themes.

There are also a wide variety of accessories available for the MC2 light controller that can extend the capabilities of the Minleon RGB system

  1. Controls all the Minleon 12Vdc RGB Light range.
  2. Connect up to 500 individually controlled lights to one controller or many thousands lights if grouping lights using the additional Minleon T piece.
  3. Full remote control functions with memory recall buttons and light intensity control
  4. 3 colour custom effects that allows the user to select their own colours to be used in effects
  5. Over 15 controller effects with multiple variations per effect.
  6. Easy setup and use – Plug and Play
  7. Create  nearly any colour in the spectrum including shades of white
  8. Create and store your own effects using the advanced remote control
  9. Remembers the last effect used after powering off the controller
 Name  MC2 Light Controller
Number of LEDs controlled 500
Voltage 12VDC
Working Temp -20 to +60 Deg C
IP Rating IP54

Minleon MC2 Light Controller image 1Minleon MC2 Light Controller Remote image 1

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