Minleon NEC (Network Effects Controller)

Minleon NEC Specifications

Minleon NEC (Network Effects Controller) RGB Pixel Light System is a an advanced featured controller that is completely flexible which adds the ability to run fully sequenced RGB light shows and installations with music without the need to connect to a computer. 

The NEC is a multi-purpose controller with the following hardware:

  • LCD display and rotary push-button knob for user interface.
  • SD card slot to hold user generated lighting data and audio files.
  • Network port to send lighting data to NDBs and synchronize with other NECs. (IP Network Based System).
  • Single DMX port (2 RJ45 jacks) for sending DMX lighting data or receiving DMX commands.
  • Audio WAV file player and output jack.
  • 2 opto-isolated inputs (on RJ45 jacks) for triggering effects.
  • Time of day clock to turn on/off automatically.
  • Supports 8000 lights spread.

The NEC can be set to operate in one of many different modes:

  • Effects Player - Generates lighting effects and plays them.
  • Light Show - Generates light show based on user selected effects and plays.
  • File Player - Plays pre-programed lighting files from SD card. Can play optional WAV sound files at same time.
  • Slave device -  Receives commands (via DDP, Art-Net or DMX) to play internally generated effects, lighting data files on SD card or audio WAV files. This mode is also used when synchronizing multiple NECs.
  • Triggered Player2 input triggers can be set to play internal effects, lighting files or WAV files. An idle mode can play a 3rd file or effect.
  • Art-Net to DMX gatewayReceives Art-Net data and sends them out to the DMX port.
  • DMX to Art-Net gatewayReceives DMX data and sends them out as Art-Net data.
  • DMX to DDP gateway - Receives DMX data and sends them out as DDP data.
  • Utility ModesAuto-Configure NDBs, Reset NEC to factory settings, Update NEC firmware from SD card.

Modes that play lighting data (Effects Player, Light Show, File Player, Slave Device and Triggered Player) can also be set to output to the DMX port instead of NDBs.  In this case you are limited to 512 channels of output data (170 RGB lights).  This can be used to control DMX dimmer boards and other DMX devices.

Name   NEC (Minleon Effects Controller)
Number of LEDs Controlled 8000
Number of NDBs Connected 16
Voltage  12VDC
Working Temp -20 to +60 DEG C
IP Rating IP33


Minleon NEC Image 1Minleon NEC image 2Minleon NEC Image 3Minleon NEC Controller Layout

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