Minleon RGB Plug & Play NDB Slave Controller System

Minleon Plug & Play NDB Controller Specifications

Minleon Plug & Play NDB Slave RGB Pixel Light Controller System is designed to be used either as a slave NDB for the Minleon plug and play master controller or used independently with Art-Net or E1.31 enabled software or consoles. This is a complete plug and play system with vented outdoor enclosure with the below features

  • Tough weatherproof enclosure
  • NDB (Network Distribution Board) with 16 fused Quick Connect outputs
  • HRP450 Watt 12vdc or 24vdc Meanwell Australian certified commercial Power Supply
  • Filtered airflow ventilation system - 90% of heat is removed from the enclosure
  • Mounting brackets

 The Minleon Complete Plug & Play NDB Controller System with the Minleon NDB (Network Data Box) with the below features

 NDB (Network Distribution Board)

The Minleon Network Distribution Board (NDB) is an industry standard ART-Net, E1.31 & DDP enabled multi output controller that is used with either the Network Effects Controller or a computer using ART-Net, E1.31 or DDP enabled software or using an Art-Net or E1.31 enabled console. Each Network Data Box can output 1250 lights. The NDB allows for large scaled shows to be created using industry standard ART-Net, E1.31 and DDP communication protocols.


 Name NDB (Network Distribution Board)
Number of LEDs controlled 1250 Lights (3750 channels)
Number of Outputs 16
Total Current 40 amps
Communication Protocols Art-Net, E1.31, DDP
Supported Light Chips Minleon RGB+ Lights 
Voltage 12VDC/24VDC
Working Temp -20 to +60 Deg C
Minleon Plug & Play NDB Controller image 1Minleon Plug & Play NDB Controller image 2

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